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Warm & Natural 90 inch


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1-1/8 yd precut TP971F Fusible Thermolam


10074 Heat Press Batting by the yard


1825WN Soft & Bright Batting 90 inch


2620WN Warm 100 Cotton Batting 110x25y


390KB-25 Katahdin 100% Cotton Summer 3oz 2-1/2in x 25yds


390KB-50 White Katahdin 2-1/4in X 50yds


4252B-20 Duet Fuse II Double Sided Fusible Batting 2-1/4in x 20yds


493BOLT In-R-Form Double Sided Fusible Stabilizer 58in x 15yds


6340WN Insul-Bright 45in x 40yds


6355WN Insul Shine Batting 45in x 10yds


Batting Heirloom Natural Unbleached Cotton with Scrim 96in x 30yds


CP1638 Crafters Choice Bench Pillow


Heat Press Batting 1.5x 100Yds Each


HeatnBond Feather Lite 17x35yd


HLBY120 Batting Heirloom Premium Cotton Unbleached Blend 120in x 30 yds


In-R-Form Single Sided Fusible Foam Stabilizer Off White 58in x 15yds


ISE-931 Farm Girl Vintage 2 Book


KDKB201 ″ Pillow Form


SF101 Shape Flex Woven Cotton Pellon 20in x 25yds


ST1216B Soft Touch Pillow Form 12in x 16in 4ct


Warm & Natural Blend 90in x 30yds